While We Were In School

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The following are links to pictures of our class that were taken while we were still in school.  As you can see, we need many more images to make the collection complete.  Can you help?  Please send your pictures to me at: wpas@verizon.net .

Kindergarten (1950-51)

1st Grade (1951-52)

2nd Grade (1952-53)

3rd Grade (1953-54)

4th Grade (1954-55) 

5th Grade (1955-56) (Part1)

5th Grade (1955-56) (Part2)

6th Grade (1956-57) (Part 1)

6th Grade (1956-57) (Part 2)

7th Grade (1957-58)

8th Grade (1958-59) (Currently empty)

9th Grade (1959-60)

10th Grade (1960-61)

11th Grade (1961-62)

12th Grade (1962-63)

Miscellaneous Images